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ubudance's Journal

Ubu Dance Party
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Pere Ubu are an experimental rock music group formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1975.

While Pere Ubu have never been widely popular--usually categorized as "underground rock" -- they have a devoted following, have been hugely influential on several generations of forward-thinking musicians and are among the most critically acclaimed American musical groups. Their early singles are sometimes regarded as minor protopunk classics.
-- Source: Wikipedia

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I encourage any and all Ubu fans to join this community -- the FIRST Pere Ubu community on LiveJournal!
Pertinent Ubu Linkage:
  • Ubu Projex - Ubu's official page, maintained by David Thomas
  • All Music Guide Profile - Ubu's profile on the "All Music Guide". Contains a fairly lengthy bio as well as album reviews, etc.

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