Jeux Sans Frontiers (pixel_foo) wrote in ubudance,
Jeux Sans Frontiers

Pere Ubu's THE MODERN DANCE in 5.1 Surround

Pere Ubu's hugely influential first album, THE MODERN DANCE, is scheduled for release as a surround-sound remix on Silverline Records (licensed by Cooking Vinyl) on October 3. The format will be DualDisc. One side will be a DVD featuring a 5.1 surround sound remix of the entire album, special features (including some very rare early video footage from Cleveland), as well as a new mastering of the original stereo album at DVD audio quality. The other side will feature a cd format of the new mastering of the original stereo album.

David Thomas, who attended the remix session by Chris Haynes, reports:

This is the way we heard The Modern Dance in the studio... no, it's better than that, it's the way we heard it when we were playing it. The detailing is fantastic. The space reveals everything while still retaining the album's intensity and original intention. And the best thing is, if you want to hear something louder or quieter you just move your head a foot. Everything is there!
The Modern Dance was released in January 1978.
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